Rupert Goldsworthy, Mark Stewart: I AM THE LAW
Jan 18 - Mar 31, 2012
Rupert Goldsworthy, Mark Stewart: I AM THE LAW

Rupert Goldsworthy, Mark Stewart: I AM THE LAW

Ritter/Zamet is pleased to present “I AM THE LAW”, a collaborative exhibition by New York-based artist-writer Rupert Goldsworthy and legendary sound artist/montagist Mark Stewart. The exhibition runs from 18 January to 18 February, 2012. There will be a reception at the gallery on Wednesday, 18 January from 6-9pm. The artists will do a performance during the opening.

Rupert Goldsworthy became notorious in the mid-Nineties for running art provocation projects first in Berlin and then in Chelsea, New York. Goldsworthy's paintings and installations address taboos (political and emotional) using post-Pop methodology. His concerns include the Cold War, colonial history and the iconography of Seventies radicalism. Goldsworthy has concurrent exhibitions at Massimo Audiello Gallery, Mexico City, and Illuminated Metropolis, Chelsea, New York City.

Holland Cotter, art critic for The New York Times, writes of Goldsworthy's work: “Sharp, dark, hard to pin down but definitely there. Names of suicidal rock stars, student radicals, celebrity drugs, Black Panthers, gay clubs and aged movie queens with sad, twilight histories bounce off each other and interconnect like fragments of overheard conversations. And while the textual melange – blasts from the past plus cultural arcana – makes fun 'reading', it also has a distinctive moral texture."

Exploding the myth of culture since scandalising Kunstforum with HITLERS SECRET DAUGHTER in Vienna, Mark Stewart has recently worked with Kenneth Anger at the Servalles Foundation in Porto, been artist in residence at Western Front Vancouver and is preparing a big Tokyo retrospective. As co-founder of the New Banalists with Rupert Goldsworthy, Stewart was the first truly viral artist with cross-platform provocations as a sound artist/montagist and general prankster. His work has been alligned to King Mob, the Dutch Provos and the Viennese Actionists. The Wire writes on Mark Stewart: “ search of forbidden marriages between alien forms.”

For further information or images, please contact the gallery.