Ritter/Zamet invites… supposé publishers, Cologne
Sep 8 - Oct 1, 2005


Ritter/Zamet is pleased to introduce Cologne-based publisher/label, supposé. Founded in 1996 by Klaus Sander, supposé provides an innovative and progressive forum for audio publications that cross the borders between science, philosophy and art. Deriving the name from an introductory phrase regularly used by communications and media philosopher, Vilém Flusser at the beginning of his lectures, the speculative and inquisitive insinuation of the term, “suppose that…” was adopted by Sander as the motto for some forty-five audio publications to date.  

Recent CDs include the physicist Anton Zeilinger talking about his successful experiment to prove the possibility of teleportation of photons, speech theorist Oswald Wiener’s recordings of huskies singing against the freezing cold in Canada and the philosopher Paul Feyerabend explaining musical theory from classical to the Three Penny Opera to his girlfriend. Other new titles include rare recordings of Albert Einstein between 1921-1951, the ornithologist Peter Berthold discussing his fascination with bird migration, analytical chemist Albert Hofmann on his rather accidental discovery of LSD, as well as early recordings of conceptual artist Peter Roehr’s serial sound assemblies.

In each case the immediate proximity of the speaker’s voice makes the most complex of subjects explicable and the most unusual research accessible. In contrast to traditional audio books where the author is reproducing a pre-existing, static text, supposé specializes in recordings of direct conversations as well as free-held speeches and lectures that enable a more direct and dynamic approach. The project supposé operates as an open and multi-layered collage of voices that goes beyond a mere collection of time-based testimonies and what they transport semantically. Instead, it shows a more sensual side of theory providing charismatic and intimate acoustic snapshots that establish the audio CD as an independent and alternative artistic genre.

During the presentation, all forty-five audio CDs from the supposé back-catalogue will be available to listen to. They will also be on sale at the gallery and at Walther Koenig Books Ltd. at the Serpentine or via www.suppose.de. As part of an ongoing commitment to this extraordinary publishing project, Ritter/Zamet will also be organising a series of lectures and performances in association with supposé in the near future. Details to be announced.