Sep 3 - Oct 3, 2009


Uri Aran, Darren Bader, Walead Beshty, Rafal Bujnowski, André Butzer,
Steve Canaday, Matthew Chambers, Mario Correa, Gerald Davis, Chris Dorland,
Matthias Dornfeld, Mari Eastman, Bart Exposito, Andrew Hahn, Drew Heitzler,
Roger Herman, Dennis Hollingsworth, William E. Jones, Pam Jorden, Maja Körner,
Jason Meadows, Elizabeth Neel, Ry Rocklen, Hubert Schmalix, Spencer Sweeney,
Mitchell Syrop, Henry Taylor, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Helen Verhoeven, Phil Wagner,
Alexander Wolff, Aaron Young, Thomas Zipp

(Quoting from Roberta Smith’s review of Pruesspress at Rental, NY, The New York Times, July 2008)
“[The exhibition] assembles diverse, often ebullient prints by mostly young artists from Los Angeles, New York and Europe. They are among the forty or so talents who have dropped by the ad hoc print studio that Rental’s main overseer, Joel Mesler, has been running in the back office of Gavin Brown’s old gallery on West 15th Street for the past several months. (It’s the East Coast branch of his Los Angeles business). Lubricated with takeout from Passerby, a bar in the front of the gallery, an evening of work can produce prints – monotypes or very limited editions – by as many as three artists. Some works are extra large, like a rubbing that Aaron Young made of the tire marks on one of his motorcycle paintings. Hubert Schmalix and especially Gerald Davis have brought off very refined etchings and lithographs. Chris Dorland, Mitchell Syrop, Helen Verhoeven, Henry Taylor, Andre Butzer, Thomas Zipp and Andrew Hahn all distinguished themselves. This is an ecumenical, high quality show; assembled by a young curator in a museum’s project space, it would have done that museum proud.”